Reasons Why Semalt Is The Right SEO Choice

One common question visitors have for us is why we should go with you? Luckily for you, Semalt knows that answering this question is essential in your decision-making process, so here are some answers.

Rather than simply saying you should go with Semalt because of the following reasons, we will be showing you some key areas of SEO we have mastered.

Welcome to Semalt

At this point, it is no news that SEO is ever-changing and can become quite complex. So complex, in fact, most business owners prefer to hire professionals than to take it on.

With the rising number of SEO experts, there are also fakes who pretend to know SEO but end up damaging the client's website.

The key difference between an SEO professional and an amateur is the mastery of certain key areas. Semalt can proudly say we are experts because we have mastered and have years of experience navigating these aspects of SEO.

Understanding SEO

Semalt was a company created out of the desire to help websites succeed. SEO is now a critical tool for growing businesses. Brands and organizations need it to reach their ever-evolving audience and meet ever-changing needs.

In the highly competitive market, it is important to perform as best you can, which usually translates to finding safe ways to stay ahead of your competition. This is no easy task to take on, especially if you're a start-up or small business. The cost can get overwhelming when you try to do it on your own.

Instead, Semalt is here to provide you with the SEO services you need at an affordable price. With our continuous learning circle, we are able to stay in touch with the latest SEO trends, so our clients get the best web care possible.

Here are five areas we have excelled as SEO professionals

Understanding How Search Engine Works

To know how to optimize a site, we first understood how search engines worked. As we spent time learning the ins and outs of search engines, we were able to discover their goals, how much market share each search engine dominates and how they display search results. 

By learning about the history of SERP, and how it has evolved over the years, we have a better understanding of why they feature the content they do now. 

For example, we know that a search engine like Google wouldn't give us its secrets as to how it truly evaluates content, but by studying which ones make it on its SERPs, we can figure out which characteristics they share.

Today, it isn't just about creating content but instead, content that is relevant for the searcher.

Audience Research

There is no SEO without audience research. In the early stages of SEO development, all we had to focus on was keyword research. That same term has come to mean a lot more in present-day realities. Keyword research remains the main type of service we offer today and we constantly learn how to improve this process. 

Keyword research on its own fails to account for certain intangible factors like individual personas, topical focus, and what stage of the consumer's journey the reader is at. 

To deliver top-notch services, we must understand your audience and the factors that surround them which influence their decision and perception of things. Consumers now expect us to know what they want and how they want it. To be a brand that sells, we must do just that. 

Because we work for brands, we have learned how to understand the business goals of our clients and their target audiences. We must be able to move the reader from the search query to the end goal in order to be considered professionals. 

Competitor Research

A lot could be going on in the SEO world, and you lack the resources or the skill sets to keep up. It is important to know what's next, and one easy way to do that is by knowing your competition. 

Semalt has seen its fair share of websites come and go, and one thing that remains consistent is that your competition is always trying to get ahead. And the easiest way to beat your competition and stay ahead is by knowing what they are up to. If you don't, best believe that your competitions are keeping close eyes on what moves you make. 

SEO can get really competitive with several brands already on the top in almost every industry. By profiling the high-ranking and top websites or brands in your industry, we can figure out what strategy they use to capture the audience you so desperately need. 

Competitor research ranges from external auditing to determining the ranking factors that make your competition enjoy website success. Your research should cover on-page and external factors. When you plan on learning as much as you can, you can decide to analyze the pages on the site to get more in-depth analysis. 

Web Analytics

All of our hard work wouldn't mean much if we didn't develop ways to analyze the performance of our efforts. Since most of what we do is online, we need a way to convert that data into what we can understand. We need to be able to know when a plan is coming to fulfillment or failing. 

It is important that we: 
Our proficiency in understanding Google Analytics has proved to be a valuable asset. Our ability to use all the analytic data gives us a complete picture of how your website is performing. We can also understand search intent and the different consumer personas. 


Now more than ever, it has become fundamental that your SEO agents are able to manipulate whatever wave of the challenge is thrown at them. The pandemic has brought in a relatively new era faced with new challenges. 

To run a successful website, we have to be able to pivot based on: 
The earlier we realize that something needs or be updated in our tactics, approach, strategy, or goals, the better. Figuring this can also be tricky as things could be running smoothly on the site while ranking and traffic drop. 

It is important that your SEO expert knows when to jump in and request an audit so that action can be taken. 


These are five of a wide range of factors that can impact any SEO campaign. Our mastery of these factors contributes to what makes us successful. 

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